Thursday, January 17, 2013

Half-way through 3rd Grade

Last week, as we returned to school from Winter Break, we took some time to look back at what all we've accomplished during the first half of the school year before we set our goals for the second half.  I always expect the "big" 3rd grade milestones to be mentioned (field trips, starting multiplication), but when I asked my students, "What do you remember most about 3rd grade so far?", here is some of what they said:

 "Classroom visitors!"

A real, live Mathematician!
Learning about recycling with Libby!
Libby, the recycling dog!

"Watching the Space Shuttle fly over our school!"

Space Shuttle Endeavour fly-over
"Pumpkin Investigations!"

Sink or Float

Bowling with Pumpkins!


A visit from an Elf!

 "Santa Math!"

Santa's new workshop

"Collecting Pajamas for kids in need!"

176 pairs collected!

I'll be the first to admit, this time of year can be so stressful for teachers because you think of ALL that you have left to do and accomplish in order for your students to be prepared for the next grade.  For me, taking time to reflect on all that we have done and what means most to my kiddos helps to keep me grounded. 

What were some big milestones from the first half of your school year?


  1. Saying goodbye to mom or dad at morning drop off without crying was a biggie! Learning to: raise their hands, walk in a line, sit and listen to a story, put their names on their papers (sometimes). Definitely very different milestones in Kindergarten, huh?!

  2. Very different, but also very important! I couldn't do what I do without that strong foundation set by you!