Thursday, January 31, 2013

Superbowl Fun Friday and Freebie!

Each year, right before the Superbowl, my class seems to fall into the 3rd quarter "slump".  They've been back from Winter break for several weeks, and it seems like DECADES before Spring Break.  Pair that with the all-to-frequent, too cold for recess days, and you have a recipe for some antsy kiddos! 

Around this time of year, I will do anything to keep them motivated, and "Superbowl Fun Friday" has helped me with this mission.  In the weeks leading up to the Superbowl, I begin to drop hints about his fun-filled day, and of course, their curiosity is peaked.  It's always nice to have something to look forward to, so come Friday, my students are usually very excited!

Now, it's important to remember that I am in the trenches.  I know how important and crucial every day of instruction is for my students at this point of the year.  So my secret is...Superbowl Fun Friday is really just academic concepts that we are learning about anyway, just with football themes.  Friday is also my day with no pull-outs or specials, so we have plenty of time to accomplish all that we need to accomplish.

Fun Friday starts with each group deciding on their team name.  Throughout the day, I award points to teams who complete activities, show good sportsmanship, and work together as a team.  This year, our day will consist of football themed multi-step word problems (Operations and Algebraic Thinking, anyone?) and using the Distributive Property to determine the area of a football field in math, and football-themed reading, including a book by one of my favorite players (Peyton, not Eli):   

In the afternoon, we play a quick round of "Superbowl Quiz Game", which is just a Powerpoint I created.  I've played many ways, but I've found that two big teams actually works well because many of the questions take some schema that not all of my students have.  If I'm feeling crazy, I might even take in some football themed treats.  

Because it's almost the weekend, and more importantly, because you read this far, you can get your very own "Superbowl Quiz Game" for free here in my TPT store.  Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

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